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Not only are you buying a beautiful piece of art, but you are also supporting the craftsmen's lives!

Kartysan offers you the best of Tunisian handicraft, directly from our craftsmen to your door. Tunisian artisans, especially women, have very limited opportunities to earn a good living. The majority of craftsmen work from home and do not have the digital knowledge or the possibilities to access new markets.

Hoping to improve this situation that we launched the project Kartysanby Fair Trade Tunisia: a group of artisans who are committed to establishing relationships, working together for the development, promotion and sale of handicrafts.

We are a living gateway to the cultural diversity of North African arts, through which we can share our passion for handmade items and seek out new and unknown artistic talents.

Our goal is to give Tunisian artisans the ability to improve and preserve their traditional crafts, while allowing them to acquire new skills to develop their financial independence. We are committed to our artists and the preservation of age-old traditions.

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Each of our unique and tasteful products tells its own story.

Each Kartysan item is hand selected to add color and character for you, your home and your spaces.

The Kartysan project returns to our roots, our Mediterranean Carthaginian Tunisia. The name Kartysan is the mixture of two words “Karthago” and “Artisan”. Karthago which is one of the greatest commercial, cultural and military powers of the Mediterranean basin in antiquity. The craftsman who ensures the transformation of any material into a finished product.

Boost fair trade in Tunisia!

Choose Kartysan ! Choose fair trade!